patience and time

"patience is a virtue, but time is gold"

many times do we find solace in waiting, thinking that by doing so, fate is gonna pay you a reward for it. and when the 'someone' you're waiting for a very long time finally comes, you then go and tell yourself that it was worth the wait.

but life isn't always at this side of the game. it's full of surprises. it backfires. it can be cruel.

you see the sun rise and set and that does no help in making you feel for waiting more. every tick of the clock aches like the heartbeat of a dying man. it tells your body and soul that you're being asked to wait longer. oh yes, you're every second closer to what your waiting for, but do you actually know what happens at the end of your pause? when that 'someone' finally arrives, clicks on the play button, does that guarantee you of a happy ending?

would your loved one ever want you to sacrifice your time for them? would they ever want you to waste, yeah thats the term, your time waiting for them when you could have done so much?

time never pauses itself. tonight is never gonna come back. oh how do we wish this wonderful life of ours is going to freeze for forever. wake up, thats never gonna happen. see, we can't keep on holding on. we've got the whole world ahead of us giving us choices of what we're gonna make out of our lives. and, our lives are numbered, if you just look closely. every day is a day closer to what, our next birthday. every birthday is a year closer to our, senior citizenship?

no one wants to grow old and look back at what a wasted time their life has been. not unless you've known real good lives though. waiting can't go on forever, not for people who find so much more to one thing.

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Deoc2x said...

I've never thought of this .. . I've been enlightened.

Well you just have to weigh which one's most important important . ..

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