Talking With Strangers

I have to say I've always been a fan of chatting online and meeting friends. It's not that bad actually, although it's true that the number of perverts is a hundred times more than the sensible ones. It takes some time and some luck--yes, luck--to find someone whom I could talk with sensibly. And when luck is on my side, I could be more than thankful.

Chatting is like seeing faces in the malls, the streets, the church, except that you can talk with them here and now. It can be a remedy to a boring night. And it's up to me to keep in touch with the person I'm chatting with. Someti mes, I just say good night and thank him for the good chat, others I give my email to, while some of them I just leave with my greetings.

It usually starts off with a, "hi, care to chat?" line. Some of them would reply immediately with, "hi. fster?" What a boring way to start off a conversation. So I click on the ignore button and be happy for that feature the program offers (keeping perverts, crazy people away).

But if I'm lucky enough, I could end up chatting with the most sensible person I've ever talked with on the first encounter! I've met young and old ones. Age doesn't matter for me, all I'm after for is a good chat anyway, not someone I could date. I've met a lot of nice, great people online. It's where I've met the most selfless person I know. I've also met some law students and a lawyer, a medical technologist, a pharmacist, some nursing students--one of them a topnotcher, and i can't be any more proud! He was the most humble person I've met. I've also chatted with troubleshooters! I once had a problem with our computer hardware and as much as I have hoped that luck be on my side, it did! I chatted with someone who's good in computers and he helped me with it and wallah! problem solved!

There was even one time when I needed some Egyptian quotes for my friend to use in an Egyptian-themed beauty pageant. No sweat at all. I just logged in to Egypt channel and messaged some chatters, asking if they could lend some time for me to share their language. And the next night, my friend was talking Egyptian in front of a crowd!

You like business? Sometimes I can read ads on the channel, chatters selling off their PSPs, guitars, drums, whatever. I once--just once--sold a book online. There was a girl who asked if someone had a psych book and since I had one, I PM'd (personal message) her right away and it was sold right there and then. We met at a mall and after some talking, we realized that we just come from the same school. What a small world!

I usually login to the channel when I'm bored which is probably once a month. Sometimes the thought of chatting just disappears and I'd forget that it even exists. But when I'm very bored and it so happens that I'm sitting in front of the computer tired of watching youtube or looking at friendster and myspace, I click on to an Internet Relay Chat and talk with strangers. We'd talk about any topic we could think of: movies, music, hobbies, interests, life story, school, pets, books, future. But I always expect to chatt with at least 10 non-sense people first before I end up with someone who talks sense.

See, the world is full of strangers, harmful and harmless, useful and useless, interesting and boring... you name it. Chatting has brought me to this world of versatility. And could I be more than excited? I don't know why, but sometimes it feels so much easier talking to a world of strangers.

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Anonymous said...

Haha we're so much alike. i also click on the ignore button even before I start chatting with them.If their nick sounds like a perv to me, i click the ignore button. hehe i like talking to people in their 30s. They're more sensible to talk to.

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