i'm back

so it's been a long while since i last laid my time here. I've been trying to write something but just couldn't squeeze enough of my brains out. Where have they all gone?

I've been hooked up on the internet so much for the past few weeks. I could stay up as late as 2 AM with early classes the next day. Yeah, I'd choose the internet over a peaceful slumber that would've been the remedy to my everyday-sleeping-sessions-during-class. (speaking of which, i got so many pictures of me sleeping. talk about being a celebrity. lol)

So talkwithstragners blogspot, I know its just you and me here. Unlike my other pages, I'm sure you're the least visited, if not the no-visitors, so I'm gonna post this non-sense blog here and not anywhere else. Just for the record, I'm back after months of being away. I mean, yeah, I've been posting some stuff on multiply and friendster but they're short and shallow and whatever.

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