Just Give it a Reason

The demise of a loved one, flunking an exam, a love gone sour, whatever failure, what does that leave us?

For months we ponder on what went wrong, exhausting our energy on emotions of grief and despair, spending sleepless nights despite the comfort of the bed and the cold evening, longing for a rewind even though we know it's all wishful thinking. Then, like it was all worth it, we finally arrive to a comforting thought that will seemingly set us free: it happened for a reason.

a reason that justifies the sorrow we went through...
a reason that dwarfs the excruciating pain we ached...
a reason behind all the damage it has done...

it's not just any reason. It's the reason that will free us from the darkness we put ourselves into. It's not just anything that comes up into our minds. It's something we make up, reason with, deliberate, argue, and finally persuade ourselves into thinking it is what everything is for. And eventually, we learn to accept.

Everything happens for a reason, or is it that we give a reason to everything that happens?

It's amazing how our minds can bring up a purpose for an agony we thought was unbearable.

Amazing how we find comfort in an explanation people would call an excuse.

Amazing how we are able to say that in the long run, everything was worth it all for a reason we believe that's the truth.

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