star as

the sun shining at an earlier morning.

5 am and i was still in the easy struggle of getting myself to sleep. (--,) but i couldn't so here i am, ranting about it. summer's still up, the skies vouched for it. daybreak came so much earlier than the previous weeks.

so one thought is bothering me these days: if you knew that a friend of yours had something going on with someone, officially or not, and that someone starts to hit on you, would you take part? i don't know what its called if you do but whatever it is, i'll call it bullshit. fellow feeling, you're needed more than you know.

(i need to write something worthwile... give me time)


sometimes just out of the blue, depression strikes you for no apparent reason. it's crazy. and it's eating me right now. and no, i'm not being an emo. just when your day started good, went on just fine, and to find yourself at the end of day down and gloomy for some unknown cause you just wish would come up so you'd find something to get it over with.

ah. i think i found it. i think.

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