no way my next of kin

It's no easy situation living in a family with new members, especially when these people I'm talking about are not even blood related to you.

Yeah yeah, acceptance, so they say. But some things are just too unfortunately sick you can't accept them but complain and nag about it. Like that makes this situation better eh? Sure it does. It means I'm standing for what I believe SHOULD BE, so a heated conversation that happened a while ago and my venting this late afternoon.

I live with a woman who happens to be my formal (and legal, i believe) commander. These days she's become very frustrating for all of us. I hate it. And forgive me for feeling that way for her, especially her. She just has these roots that we think have grown too deep underground it's hard to pull them out. Thick black disgusting roots we wish were never planted in this world. It's crap. And the world doesn't need more of them.

She's a blessing, mind you. But then again, let me say it one more time, she's becoming very irksome lately. She won't listen, she always believes she's right, and that she can do without us. Friggin pride and overflowing-delight for one's self. Drop em in a shithole right where they look perfectly accordant.

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