Our New Jack

I love the only male creature our house holds.

When i got inside the room, I found a new crib as huge as a queen-size bed obviously built by my dad. He was finishing off by putting the puzzle mats on the floor. First thought, what took him 19 years to build a crib as huge as this when he's raised 6 children in his own house? Well, he just loves building. A lot. *emphasizes that with THE look in my eyes* He's a chemical engineer. He doesn't just love chemicals.

Then he lifted the bed with a JACK that seemed new to his collection (it was the first time I saw it) among countless engineering stuff he has, some of which are older than I am. I asked him if it was new then he looked at me and I saw the curve on his lips.

He told me it was new. "It's electrical and even has some lighting effects. (COOL). I bought it at SM last weekend for 4,000 pesos. On sale," he said, proudly, mind you. I reckon its the 4th (or more) jack that entered his collection. And he uses one of them like once a month or less. If he finds another jack with an even better feature, he'd probably buy it if he finds it--which I hope not.

One time, he was sitting in his room with this gloomy face whose reason we cannot seem to guess. Then he blurted out about what a waste of all his tools, kits, paraphernalia, instruments, devices without a son to hand them down to. He has kids. Plenty of them. All daughters.

He has a huge passion for tools. Actually, for a lot of stuff. But his passion for the former amuses me so much that i just adore him for it! Last month he was doing this woodwork when he asked my sister to go get his box of chisels. My sister had to literally dig in the stockroom to look for it until she found it: new and unopened, bought for like a decade ago. Dust collecting eh? What took him so long to open that box of a dozen chisels?

So, hmmm, the next time I get a flat tire, I guess jacking the car won't be much of a work than the first time I did. Thanks to our new electric-powered plus flashlight feature Jack. It's titanic!

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