There he was right in front of me. The man of my dreams. He reached out his hand for mine and woopak!

I woke up to the alarmSSSS of my cellphones and table clock. It's a dark morning, obviously too early for my body clock but what the heck, I'm an hour late for my usual duty waking-up time! It was 5am and the sky twilight. It was a lovely sight but not worthy of my take-your-time to behold it. So I ran literally from bathroom to kitchen to the cab then to the second floor of the, fortunately, not so far hospital where i was assigned. Thought in mind: had I not prayed last night to wake up early today?

Actually, I did.

DUTY now
Morning prayer with my group and Princess: Johanna praying for us to make few mistakes for our duty that day.

Correction by Princess: Pray for no mistake at all.

BE SPECIFIC. That was what Princess pushed into our brains.

"Don't just pray for few mistakes. Pray for none at all. Don't just pray for a boyfriend. Pray for a good-looking and kind boyfriend. And He will give you that."

Alyssa: Can we name someone? *smiles* TOOOOUUUUCHEE

Princess was right. The night before, I was praying that I wake up early. He did answer my prayers. My body clock wakes me up at 8:30 am so 5am, the time I woke up that morning, was so very early.

Lesson learned. This account happened 2 months ago and since then, I've been waking up on my desired time, except for yesterday in a jeepney when I woke up and realized I had already passed by our house at some hundred meters.

Pray. Always. And shut yer eyes now. Tight. (--,)

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