I'm one spontaneous girl, when it comes to going out, that is. There are those days when I just go out unplanned, ask people to come over right then and there, drop by at someone's place just informing her a few minutes earlier. Yeah, spontaneous. It irritates some people, I know, but what the heck, they say yes to it anyway.


The other day I was in school doing our thesis proposal while being online on YM (thanks to CDU's free wifi!) when a goooooood friend chatted. I asked asked him if we could hang out, coz I wanted to go out so much but all of my friends were either too busy or too tired to go out. Unfortunately, his work's til a few hours from then so it was a subtle "i can't." But then he told me he could have a break for a while. So there, I finished my business in school and drove off to the coffeeshop. Man, it's been ages since we've last seen each other. I missed him! We had a couple of hours together, enough to catch up on each other, plus coffee and dinner, then he went back to work and I drove somewhere else.

I didn't want to go home yet. I thought of texting my other friends but it was pretty late already. 9pm. And I was in my uniform.

I remembered I lost my planner few days ago and thought of dropping by that place where I think I left it -- my hideout. I wanted to have another cup of coffee but my stomach was feeling stupid so I saved myself from an unlikely situation. I didn't find my planner though. But who cares? I had my regular companion(1) there! Too bad I forgot my props.

(1) regular companion

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