Humor me, please.

I am practically on the verge of dozing off but my feelings just wont let me. This December month is just so eventful I can't even remember it's December. Today's been a long one. Too long, in fact, that I don't want to sleep on it. I'd rather greet tomorrow by sitting here on the computer telling you about how this day has been.

We had our re-defense for our thesis today. It was our third time facing the panelists but this time was different, because we were doing the actual defense already. Unlike the other ones where we were just asked one question and boom, we're sent out of the room due to circumstances I could only smile about, this time we defended our paper, and with one question we were again sent out of the room due to circumstances that I could now LAUGH about.

Life's humor. I have plenty of reasons to go mad over what's happened today, but I choose to laugh. And I'm not sure I'm getting by by doing so but the day is about to close and I'm still sane, so yeah, I think I'm actually good with it. Laughing.

Coffee by Bo's. My pacifier. My refuge. I drove there for a cup of coffee with my upsetted-mates to relax our minds and hopefully recover our "light" with the brown atmosphere, as always the cases are for me. Invited 2 of my best friends over for outlets I knew would do me good. And I was right about it. I had their ears.

Daps, my regular companion, smoking. Formerly Everest. He's a sight. :) Wearing skinny jeans, mind you.

Angelo, my buddy, whose twisted mind I'm actually confused to either loathe or just laugh about. Dinner for my long day-that-was to be. Thanks, A. You are wicked. You should know that.

Long drive home. My feet hurt from the constant pressing on the clutch, my eyes drowsy from my only-four-hour-sleep, the heavy traffic I was stuck in, the rain hitting the windshield, and my mind pondering on things. I was pathetically low. I wished I had someone in the car I could drive around with. Not some cheesy music on the radio magnifying the lonely mood I was in. Yeah I was alone and lonely. It used to be just the former, and I actually enjoyed it. But I guess tonight it found a partner. It's sick. Makes me sick.

Life's humor. I think I've had an overdose of it today.

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