Goatie Moviegoer

by prohoroff on DA

Before I left for vacation in Manila last December, I made sure to watch Avatar in 3D because by the time I'll be back here in Cebu, all that's showing in theaters would be films for the MMFF. Moreover, I'm a die-hard fan of Titanic. I've seen it a million times, reruns over and over, and still cry. So this movie has been in my to-watch list for quite a long time since I've heard about it as another Cameron film.

After our college department's Christmas party in school, I went straight to the mall--despite the many invitations for an after party at my classmate's house--and bought a ticket for the last full show. Other than my bag, I was in good company with my free donut and drink. I was alone and it was my first time to watch a 3D movie, which meant wearing those huge shades so I could experience the 3rd dimension. But hey, I wasn't the only first-timer around. As the movie began, I could hear the wooooooows of the people who weren't able to keep silent about the amazement in front of their eyes. It was cool. I like it when grown-ups unleash the inner child in them. I smile to that. :)

The movie house was pretty full as I found myself sitting around people who had human company (unlike I did) whom they could talk with about the movie. I was so hooked up as the movie progressed. That's the advantage of being alone. You don't have anybody asking you what the hell just happened so you're left to just watching the movie and eating what-have-you all by yourself. I noticed a couple behind me whose voices were distracting coz they couldn't keep it low. The man would ask the girl a short question and the girl would answer a paragraph. It was annoying.

When Jake and Neytiri kissed, everyone was so silent and absorbed. I could feel my lips drawing a smile. Then the girl from behind me just suddenly broke off my delight and everyone else's by saying, "Hala ang mga kanding baya," (Oh, the goats are kissing). And she repeated it not just one time. I thought she was from another planet who just woke up and found herself in a movie house watching a GREAT movie but was unable to realize it coz her brain was too small to appreciate it. She was pathetic.

And I bet my seatmates shared the same thoughts I had.

I don't know if she felt awkward upon watching the kissing scene, but what the heck, she was let in by the guards so she must have been of legal age to watch that movie. With a boyfriend, mind you. Perhaps her brain didn't do justice her age. Coz she did it again towards the end of the movie. Goat her face.

Yes, I loathed that girl. Evident in my tone, yes? I can tell her line up of favorite movies is crap.

Good movies deserve a good audience. Not some noisy creature, unfortunately still classified a human, who can't even recognize a humanoid from a goat.

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