I Can Only Look Back at the Memories

I was with my 3 friends, Jane, Alyssa and April, hanging around in our school lobby killing time. It was late in the afternoon and the campus was getting quiet. We were talking about ourteacher who was a terror because she once tried hitting us during our duty in the health center. ASSAULT. Alyssa told her mom about it and said her mom would sue the teacher if she'd get physically assaulted! I told them that my dad had another response when I told him about it. He just asked me if my teacher was old (or around his age) and if she was, then he wouldn't be shocked about it. He could relate. He said people like him and our teacher are really like that and that they would do things (like assault, I believe) just to discipline us. LOL. I agreed a bit.

I didn't talk about my mom, but Alyssa did and she said that my mom would have said the same thing her mom said. I just gave her the "maybe" look and gave it a thought.

My mom passed away 10 years ago.

I didn't know if my mom really would have said the same, that she would be suing my teacher if ever she crosses the line. But my friends told me they were sure she would have done the same.

That's me and my mom on October 20, 1990 in Sabro, Oman.

I was getting a bit sentimental trying to remember instances when my mom tried to defend me when I was a kid. I haven't really talked much about my mom with my friends. And my friends haven't asked me much about her neither. They must have known it would not be a comfortable talk. But today I guess my friends wanted to know.

Earning It

I was at a gas station having my tires air pumped when a man passed by bringing chaffing dishes, tied in straws, for sale. By his looks he was in his late 30's, neat and kind-looking. It wasn't hard to miss him wearing a bright orange shirt on a sunny day. I looked at him and he gave me a light smile and he showed me the dishes saying they were only worth 200 pesos and I could pay it in installment basis, 10 pesos per day.

I thought about buying one but eventually I said no, thinking I didn't have enough money with me and I won't be using that at home either. He walked ahead as I got inside the car and drove off to school. My heart broke. He didn't seem to be living somewhere near so it must have taken him a long walk to get there.
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