I was surfing the internet for few of my favorite people and I am, without fail, always amused by the talent they have. Such awesome artists with so much humility. No they're not celebrities, they're just some random people I found on the internet, with ordinary jobs and simple looks, and just living within my country, but whose talents keep me visiting their pages again and again.

I want to be as good as them. Be able to draw and paint, sing and play those instruments with so much ease as a feather is flying with the wind. But all that's left of me now are frustrations. I could only sit here and think of how gifted these people are and how much I wish I was too.

I'm 20. I could have done so much.

*photo by inertia09 on DA

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Ken said...

Let's not waste our time thinking about the years passed. We're still 20. We have mountains of opportunities ahead of us, a lot of things to discover. Need I say more? :)


chingching said...

oh i kinda thought the same thing..but then again, we're young, 20 is not that old. it's never too late to want to learn anything :)

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