December in Photos

I've been such a bore. But this month wasn't.

6th: CIM Students' Night. I am Esmeralda -- dressed as, at least. Quasimodo looked so... tree-ish. Haha! My partner, Alfred is adorbs! *Dads' cam
7th: Alpha Mu Sigma Phi Christmas Party. Sounds like a fraternity yes? It's just an organization of medical students and doctors.
10th: Med Congress at Radisson Blu. Oh yes, the freebies were all we were stoked about.

11th: Groupie Christmas Party. We were on a highest high.
12th: Guadalupe fiesta. Never missed it in 5 years.

18th: Groupie Dadz's 22nd at Cafe Georg. Bombed the place with so much laughter.

22nd: High school Christmas party. It never ends.
24th: Busy slicing breads. That's my little sister wearing my dress when I was her age. She found it in the bodega and insisted on wearing it. Kids.
I still got parties to attend to before the year ends. But here you go. I'll be busy with my books when I get back here.

Some photos grabbed from Chen. Edited most of 'em.

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