For the past two years my girls and I celebrate Christmas together on the 27th. It's Alyssa who chose the time and place this year: lunch at Arano Restaurant in Guadalupe.

Arano Restaurant Facade. It reminds me of the movie the Secret Garden except that it has less vines.
It's a hidden place. You literally have to hunt for it and that's basically what I love about it -- since it's hidden, then it's private and quiet. We were actually the only ones around that time. 

Left the place stuffed and pockets un-empty. Yeah, food was very affordable. I don't know what they were talking about that they all looked so happy (on that photo above) walking to the car. I had to click on my camera.

Went to Ayala thereafter and bumped into Ann who was with her siblings, and Earl who just came back from NJ.

And here's a postcard I made for the girls. I just noticed that I spelled lovelies wrongly. They loved it anyhow.

 Merry Christmas!

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