Spent Sinulog this year with the same faces plus some few new ones. Didn't do long distance walking as we used to do the previous years. It's my first time to get anything painted on my skin. I would've wanted to get a henna tattoo (since I've never tried it yet) but opted the colorful face paint instead to match my clothes. O.O I ended up looking like a mobiling string of banderitas.

Photos grabbed from Jolly and AC who happened to have a new huge black whatchamacallit camera.

Went out at 2 PM. Pretty late. Blamed the rain. But lucky to have an awesome parking space!

Never had any photo of the Sinulog mardi gras ever in history. So when we saw these two guys who happened to take the shortcut from the parade route, we (or just I, to be safe) asked to have a picture taken with them.

Faces still (slightly) clean.

Spell PARTY. 

It was only until the photos were posted when we knew that these guys were a band from Italy (had someone not told us). We were too busy dancing and screaming to ask people who they were and where they're from.
Heard them say, "Man, this is wild! My first Sinulog!" Lol.

So very much on a high.

Had dinner somewhere nice and a little less noisy

Spent the last few hours of the night over coffee and good conversations.

I'm still having a hangover although milder now :))
Sinulog seems to get better every single year! I can't wait for next year's!!

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kendynasty said...

awesome pics. and the face paint looked great tin. i miss partying with my friends during Sinulog. :) oh well, i still have lots of Sinulog to celebrate.

your new layout is cool. i might change mine soon. hehe

Christina said...

And future Sinulogs will be a lot fun-er :)

This is basically the same layout I've had since last year. I just removed some accents and backgrounds to give it a minimalist look. Try blogger's template designer. It's awesome :)

artistmonk said...

From your photos, murag alegre gyud ang Sinulog! Nindut unta makauli ko for Sandugo ba. :D

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