#FollowFriday: Rica's Cafe

Just to remove some cobwebs here in my blog...

Thursday nights I sleep with a smile on my face because I know I will be waking up to Friday's clouds, sunshine, and music. Uneventful or not, as long as it's the F day, it's gonna be awesome. What's in a day's name? I don't really know. 

This Friday I drove, with Friday madness on the radio, mind you, to Ma. Luisa in Banilad for a lovely dinner with my lotsa-times seatmate, Rochelle. I hadn't seen her for months!! And could timing be any more perfect? Yesterday a mail greeted me in the morning. It was a Christmas card I snail mailed to her last year which apparently boomeranged after 7 long months. What mailing service does this province have? T_T I was happy to give it to her personally anyway. Advanced/Belated Merry Christmas, Roch!!

We had dinner at this tiny cafe called Rica's. It was a really lovely place, just my type. It's quiet and romantic <3 *wink* We were too busy talking I forgot I had a camera with me. I would have loved to show you more pictures. The ones I took are =/

This is a pizza which we got for free. I actually thought it was a vegetable salad. I have an Enjoy card which I won from zerothreetwo.com last summer. It's about time I got to use it. It expires in a couple of months. 

Rochelle and some Quesadilla. I love how restaurants serve these appetizers.


We were so stuffed we only ate half of everything we ordered. We were practically eating stories the whole time.

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ching said...

talking and eating at the same time.. awesome talent. :D that pizza does look like a salad.

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