Read Away

Getting into med school is a submission to eternal reading. You attend school for four years, you read. You graduate and go into post-grad internship, you read. You finish internship and prepare for the board exams, you read. You sell or donate your books and you think reading is over, you're wrong. You get into residency and when you get your first pay check you spend it for new textbooks and then you read em.

Some textbooks.
So far all my books' worth would equate to two brand new bikes. That accounting is from a frustrated cyclist.

I don't even know why I'm writing this blog when I should be somewhere else reading. Sometimes I wish leaning my head on top of a book on a table (ninja sleeping) would enable passive diffusion of all the content from the book to my brains. If that was possible I wouldn't mind sleeping on a bed of books. 

Back in first year I always had a novel in my bag. It was the same book for that whole first semester because I only took it out when I'm doing nothing which is only very seldom. I find it dumb that I still squeeze in my fiction books when I can't even finish reading my textbooks. It's suicide for my grades and yet I still do it. Forbidden pleasures.

Second year into med school I find the reading load more than double the first year. I'm always chasing time. I still go out a lot, like a lot, a lot and it makes me wish there were more than 24 hours in a day.

Reading the weekend away and squeezing in some bits and pieces <3

... like baking cartoons.

Some cutesy stuff we make out of extra dough at home.

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