Rainy Bike Day

The weather looked lovely so I borrowed our employee's bike (since I don't have one and my dad won't buy) and went to the village across our house.

As soon as I crossed the street it started to drizzle. I looked for a shade and found myself sheltering with a bunch of people also keeping themselves dry. Then the rain stopped and some guys went out and played basketball. 

This reminds me watching football on TV with my dad and he'd say football should be the sport Filipinos be playing and not basketball 'coz we're not blessed with the height. But he don't say that these days anymore. Football is becoming a craze.

So I pedaled into the village and then it rained again. Strike 2. I went into a sari-sari store and waited for the rain to stop when 2 young boys each bringing a harp stopped by. They came from Inayawan, Pardo, about less than a kilometer from the village, to sell their instrument or just carol. Here in the Philippines Christmas season starts on -ber season and sometimes even way earlier. 

They asked if they could play for me.

A damsel in distress (punked by the weather), a bike, two strangers wanting to serenade her, and the rain. How romantic could it get.

They just stood there after they played and I started to feel a bit awkward. I wondered what's next. I forgot that they were caroling and not serenading and caroling here means music, in tune or not, in exchange for money. I didn't bring anything with me except my camera so I made the smartest bargain I could come up with: Take a photo of them, upload it on facebook and tag them.

Business. Win-win situation.

The rain stopped and I biked again.

Then it rained again. Strike 3. This time it was hard.

I stopped under a tree and hoped not to get too wet but it was raining madness so I went inside a parked jeepney where a lola was also taking cover. Gotta be polite with elders so I said Hi and she just stated the obvious: There is no driver. Hmm?

Rain stopped and I hopped into my bike for the nth time. I circled the village for a couple of times and got bored so I went out into the highway and went to the subdivision a couple of meters away.

Sun came out and the ground was dry again. I was gonna take a photo of the mountains but I ended up with this. What clutters.

Electric cobwebs. This is no friendly neighborhood for Spiderman.

I saw some kids playing and I asked if I could join them. Hello, new bikemates! =)

Unleashed the kid in me.

Now, don't we look cute :P

Project bicycle is not yet dead. My dream of having a bike is still so much alive. And how can I not be more hopeful when I got home and my dad asked if I had fun? He used to be so apprehensive about it. I think that was a good sign.

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