Friday Redemption

For a student who had a week of mental and physical torture, Friday was a kiss of life. It's like life was on sale that everyone of us went out to buy it.

As soon as I finished my oral exam--never mind my performance--I went straight to meet my favorite girl. It was spontaneous so there was no plan and since the library and museum were so near, we decided to go check it.

The city library just had a renovation which lasted for almost a year. I don't know how many times I went there and all I got was, "Renovation is still undergoing. It might be finished next month." And I'd clarify the 'next month' and she'd say, "Actually, maybe next next month. Or next next next next." 

Waited too long for it and the only things new to me are the white tiles and brighter lights.

I decapitated Rizal on this photo. Unintended.

Above the library is the City Museum. How is a museum filled with only paintings called a city museum? Connect the dots for me please.

I do think that wooden furniture is supposed to be at the center. It doesn't look right. Excuse me, OC talking.

Jane looking interested.

I call it picture taking. Not the V word. 
The stairs are brown, I'm wearing brown, I'm brown, brown is my favorite color and this sentence is going nowhere. This photo is so brown I like it.

Sun set. Party time.

Scrapbooking for a friend's birthday.

I love doing stuff in natural light. This is no natural light on the photo though but I swear it's very lovely when the sun is up. This is my favorite part of my classmate's condo which is situated way up in the building it overlooks the midtown city. I can sit here all day. XD

Playing charades. Sorry, birthday boy! gotta love funny candid shots.
Anyway, that's one word, english, movie. What he's doing, I don't know but it's not flattering in still :P

Went around the city and ended up in Mango. It was packed. We wanted some peace and quiet so we went to Starmart, Caltex's convenience store. I've always liked this place. It's cold and it's quiet you can stay here for as long as you want even if you just buy a 14-peso popsicle ice cream.

Sexy time.

 IT Park at 1 AM. Head a bit dizzy and eyes tired. Not calling it a night yet.

My groupmates went somewhere else. I was gonna go home but I wanted to go to IT park to just see it. See it. Seriously. Checked my phonebook and texted people who were possibly out this late. Turned out I had some classmates who were on their way to Loft but I didn't go. I was in the mood for something else:

Conversations over a piece of cookie with a childhood friend who I haven't seen for 2 years.

Passed by street lights. Finally calling it a night.

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