Tick It Off

I have tons of notebooks and most of them end up as scratch. By scratch I mean doodles or notes on a few pages and then it gets shoved in my drawer waiting to be revisited. I've got this one cute notebook though that I often bring to school since last year. It always comes in handy during boring lectures and my mind wandering off to some distant land which unchains my frustrations then off I go scribbling. 

I was scanning through it and found this page: a mini bucket list. It's undated but I'm pretty sure I wrote it in the month of December 2010 since I planned to do item #2 for Christmas. I just ticked some of them today.

*DA: date achieved

I have lots of to-do lists. Is it me or are my memory cells just growing less in number? Just a few pages after that one on the photo above is another list (and some ugly doodles) I did some weeks ago. It's more about the places I'm gonna visit just within the city and a little beyond.

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