Morning Uphill Run

Last weekend got me baked. I was out for a series of days, running and working with ropes.

Anyway, I woke up at 4:45am, my body telling me to stay in bed and save my energy. Dragged myself out of bed anyhow.

I was supposed to wear a rashguard for that day's run but I wasn’t sure if it’ll feel good when you are sweating. I know it’s for the waters but I like the look of it. Anyway, I changed into my long sleeves. I feared it might get too cold. I freeze fast.

With the group plus Ronald

Started jogging at 6:00 am (later than scheduled) from the foot of Nivel Hills, Lahug. Lots of stopping along the way. Chats and jokes and ONE biscuit. It was slowly becoming a food trip. Hee XD

Hit it.

I saw lots of cyclists going up and down the road. There were probably 50 and I took lots of photos of them. Talk about frustrations.

More photos of them here.

Ralph (guy on the photo) and I went ahead of the group. Used to jog with him a lot of times at the Oval in Abellana before. Our schedule don't meet anymore coz I run in the morning nowadays.

Before the run I betted that we’ll only be up to Marco Polo Hotel. Most of the people in the group were doing a walkathon :P but we reached Mr. A. I love this place at night!!

Chilling above the city. Time check: 7:30am

I had fun though I would have loved to go further up the mountains. I’ll go back soon with a running buddy or just me alone—me being a loner. The good thing about being alone is that you can do anything you want without having to worry about someone (yourself included) getting left behind. But  running with a group/buddy is fun, too. And safer.

See that silver lining? I don't really know what it is but it’s a beauty.

Jogged with Ralph down to Marco Polo, waited for the others and then walked and talked to McDonald’s for light breakfast.

I was supposed to go to this really really really lovely place that day but I had to postpone it. I figured it would be better if I go visit it some other day.

Cold gloomy morning run on a FRIDAY. Awesome. I'm going back soon. Company is welcome. XD

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