Moving Planet

I was supposed to bike my way to downtown Cebu but as I pedaled 20 meters off the highway the chains went off. Two passers-by were so kind to help me they didn't mind painting their hands with grease while working with the crankset and chains... but we all eventually gave up. It was the same bike I borrowed and the owner forgot to tell me it was broken. I wanted to cry!! T_T I took a cab instead.

Anyway, parts of dowtown Cebu were closed for the Moving Planet / Road Revolution. Save fossil fuels, ergo, no gas.

While I was walking around looking for something interesting, some guy came up and we had this very short conversation that went like this:

Stranger: You're looking old school.
Me: Yeah? (Reviewing my wardrobe in my mind. Nothing old school there, I swear.)
Stranger: Maybe you have a time machine at home.

Don't you just love random conversations. You don't even get to know each other's names.

After lots of walking I met with a friend, checked out some free archaeology seminar and went longboarding (slight!). I was expecting the streets to be packed with bikers and skaters but there were only a few. There's a push race competition in Dumanjug (which looks really fun!! and scary) the following day which was probably why not a lot of skaters were there, plus there's a night ride later that evening.

L - R: Rochelle and Ana. They're like twins!; Noob

There were parkour, vintage bike exhibit, BMX exhibitions and museum tours for free. There weren't really a lot of people and probably some of those who were walking around had no other choice but to... walk. I would have wanted to check out the poetry reading (POETRY READING!! *GASP*) and listen to some live band in Outpost later that evening which was also part of the event but oh well, student duties. #nerd

And I just read from the newspaper today that there'll be another one come October 23.

On a side note: I miss Outpost!! It's one of my favorite hangout places. I'll pay it a visit soon.

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