Strokes and Laps

I spend most mornings of my weekdays lazing up in bed. Second year class schedule is so lax I almost don't know how to spend my time. I end up wasting it on TV, the internet, books (textbooks not included), strolling, doodling and what have you. But lately I've been spending it wisely like taking a dip. Actually, more than just a dip--doing laps.

I have this very weak dream of becoming a triathlete especially when a cyclist from CC once told me to develop my swimming and running skills so my dad would eventually buy me a bike. Swimming was my first love. Running, I'm not so good at it. Biking, I'll have to see yet. 

I used to swim regularly in Abellana back in high school together with my dad and sisters. Then I quit. My sisters went on and got serious with it, breaking records here and there. #IAmAProudSister. The last time I went to Abellana was almost 3 years ago. It's so public (my goodness) it gave me awful back allergies. I want to go back though, it's the only olympic-size pool in the city that I know of. I went on swim dates regularly one summer in Marriot hotel but their pool was so small it's boring. Just a few strokes and you're on the other end already.

Spent my morning today with a classmate at Casino Español which is located right behind our school. No relaxing on the woven beds. Just laps and few chats like, "What chapters were you able to read last night?" or something more interesting, sense the sarcasm, like, "I think the case of our patient is..." or something not school-related like "It's a long weekend." Uh, ok.

Headcap and goggles off already, she's about to get out of the pool. She's running out of breath, needs more training.

Today's swim was quite frustrating. My favorite stroke used to be back. It's less air-hungry, you're facing the clouds, just gotta mind your lane. I tried it today and I don't know what's up with the current but the water always pushed me to the other lane and then onto the side gutter. It must have been their mini waterfall. Or could be the wind. Physics. Whatever. I'm sticking to freestyle.

Swam for just about 30 minutes, showered and got fresh for our classmates, walked to school and worked as a ninja. 

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