yellow isn't so hard to read

the driver was wearing her new lipstick.

for the first time in three years, the red car got tangled on the green gates, pulling half of the bumper away swinging like a limping branch of a tree. had it not stopped for gasoline, it would have traveled 10 kilometers in that condition and the driver would have suffered a great deal of embarrassment especially that the car's windows aren't tinted and anyone inside could be seen even at your peripheral vision.

and so the quote, what goes down must come up.

it got lucky at dusk. at a stoplight in the highway, it was right beside a shiny new mini cooper which had been following the red car for quite a route already. it was not tinted as well. two handsome (very) young men were in it, honking, calling the college girls inside the almost-doomed-car earlier. the girls started to laugh and was in "panic" looking for a paper and pen to write their contact number. and wallah, a cellphone number written on a half bond paper with a highlighter the color of yellow. who in the world could read something written in yellow?

during dinner that night at a friends birthday party, everybody was eating peacefully until someone said, (translated from cebuano) "hey, someone texted me, 'im the one from the mini cooper.'" the girls looked at each other with eyes and mouths wide open with surprise. everybody else stopped to look at the fuss then continued with their meal.

yellow isnt so hard to read then.

the driver got scolded by her parent at the end of the day for the recklessness. T_T

those guys are still 14 years of age. isn't that not of legal age for driving yet?

*ask from the experienced rather than the learned. take it from me, cars with transparent windows are fun and exciting!
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