Binuthan Cave

April 30, 2011 Saturday I went with Bal and Rochelle, the same cute guys I was with in Argao, to Binuthan Cave in Morga, Cebu.

We were supposed to go there with a (?professional) guide but we were cost-cutting (whatever) so we went there on our own plus a local guide, which was much cheaper. Bal did a reconnaissance a few days before the trip. He's quite suicidal.

Dropped off at 10am somewhere in Bonbon and went down a steep mountain. I was practically bumming at home weeks prior so the descent made my legs seem to wobble, aside from other more unfortunate events 
>.< So point is to do some exercise.

Smiles of girls who were temporarily relieved of some climbing.

Fresh buko snack.

Going up to Binuthan cave. My favorite part of the trip.

Eeeee fresh water <3 <3 <3

Mouth of Binuthan Cave. You could use some fats to keep you warm and afloat in these waters.

Lots of rocks above and below.

Because the water at the mouth of the cave is so deep, we had to use some inflatable to get through. Those are my little sisters' life jackets Rochelle and I were wearing. Just maximizing the resources. :P

Walking through this part of the cave reminded me of Britney's MV of Not a girl not yet a woman.

It took us an hour and a half to get to the end of the cave.

End of Binuthan Cave

To make the most of our trip we decided to check another cave nearby.

With Rochelle and Bal.

Facebook is always watching.

Even when you're far from civilization, do mind your fashion. Unfortunately I don't mind very much of what I wear so I never pictured myself when I grabbed my clothes that morning. It's stupid to have polka dots and stripes in one get-up. Gah! I should have been a man.

Field of cabbages. It's my first to see a field of vegetables so I did feel like it was an achievement.

  • see a field of vegetables

Satuhan Cave

It's a chapel inside. We thought it's a boring place as you can see in the photo the end is seen from the entrance but it's actually for extreme caving as you have to rappel down to explore. We didn't know about the extreme caving thing until I posted the photos on facebook and someone commented. Told you facebook is always watching.

*Photos by Bal
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