That Friggin Day I Went Twice To the Top

So my good friend and I were walking this steep road that was supposedly going to lead us to the highest peak so far in our lives. He was blabbing about his knees shaking and I was bragging of my endurance that seemed to be as high as the altitude we were at, challenging his manliness which seemed to be my laughing stock for that moment. Brushing my pocket, i noticed my car keys weren't on its usual place: my pant's belt holder. You know, that thin strap of fabric where you insert your belt. Sure, name it whatever you wanna call it. So much about the anatomy of the jeans.

In my years of driving, I had never lost my car keys nor left them somewhere else. What more leave them hanging in the ignition switch which was exactly what happened that day among all the days in that place among all the places: Friday, the only rest day I had in my 8-day duty; in the high mountains of Tops, Busay. We were locked from the outside, without a spare key in my pocket, and our house miles away from that foggy place I long waited to visit.

5:44 PM.
The dark clouds scaring me off.
Heavens have mercy on us.
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