My 20th and His

photo by ainukiw

I woke up to the sweetest voice in the planet: my DAD singing me a happy birthday song of his very own slow sweet tune. I looked at him and smiled, reached out my hand and he held it then I closed my eyes and listened to him, hoping not to fall asleep. It was 6am in the morning. He wished me good health and God's blessings. Unfortunately, I sleep on top of a double deck bed so I had to reach out to hug him and he had to stand on the lower bed to reach me.

Perfect morning start for the last day of my 20th year.
I went back to sleep and woke up for good 2 hours later. As birthday tradition on mornings, we had misua (very thin noodles) for breakfast with loads of boiled eggs. I didn't expect my dad to be around by then but due to unknown cause that gave him GI problems, he was forced to stay home and miss watching live huge boxing match at some good restaurant.

While I was surfing the internet like any other lazy weekend afternoon, my dad, sitting on his chair in the sala watching TV, told me to come over. Come over I did. He asked me to sit on his lap so sit I did, although feeling a bit awkward but I'm pretty used to it. He does this annually. :)

"20 na intawn akong anak, akong eldest. Kumusta man ka day Chris?" (My eldest daughter has turned 20. How's life been?)

Hearing those words and seeing the smile on his face, I know I have the best dad in the world. I hugged him tight and kissed him on the cheek, told him everything's good and whispered I love him.

To my dad who is celebrating his fatherhood anniversary, happy 20th to you too. :)

Number 125

I spent 7 long hours inside a mall all for the renewal of a small plastic card that's called my driver's license. And due to incomprehensible circumstances, I didn't even get to hold the ID in my precious hands after--let me say it again--7 long hours.

My dad told me it's only gonna cost me an hour or two but when I got there in the early hour of 11 o'clock noon right after my class and saw the swarm of people in this frustratingly undersized government office, my precious small eyes told me otherwise.

Booooo to Mandaue LTO for its renovation hence the hoarding of these human bodies in this very little space.

There were four steps in the drug and medical tests and it was so funny that only step 1 had a microphone for the obvious reason that it was THE step and only step for payments.

"Tan, Christina. Have you taken any medication in the past 24 hours? 400 pesos please."

It's all about the Benjamins, baby.

And as for the rest of the windows, clerks had to use their only resource to call us: their voice box. And with that, our attentive ears.

I spent most of my time sitting on the bench reading my year-old unread novel bought from a bargain sale last year, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, daydreaming about this man I've so long been wondering about, chatting with fellow frustrated clients, and of course, sleeping. Well, thanks to LTO for putting up an office in SM. But still........... 7 hours? And I hadn't even got my drug test results yet.

I hate lags. I hate slow service. I hate ugly smelling crowds. And I hate having to go back there to finish business.


There he was right in front of me. The man of my dreams. He reached out his hand for mine and woopak!

I woke up to the alarmSSSS of my cellphones and table clock. It's a dark morning, obviously too early for my body clock but what the heck, I'm an hour late for my usual duty waking-up time! It was 5am and the sky twilight. It was a lovely sight but not worthy of my take-your-time to behold it. So I ran literally from bathroom to kitchen to the cab then to the second floor of the, fortunately, not so far hospital where i was assigned. Thought in mind: had I not prayed last night to wake up early today?

Actually, I did.

DUTY now
Morning prayer with my group and Princess: Johanna praying for us to make few mistakes for our duty that day.

Correction by Princess: Pray for no mistake at all.

BE SPECIFIC. That was what Princess pushed into our brains.

"Don't just pray for few mistakes. Pray for none at all. Don't just pray for a boyfriend. Pray for a good-looking and kind boyfriend. And He will give you that."

Alyssa: Can we name someone? *smiles* TOOOOUUUUCHEE

Princess was right. The night before, I was praying that I wake up early. He did answer my prayers. My body clock wakes me up at 8:30 am so 5am, the time I woke up that morning, was so very early.

Lesson learned. This account happened 2 months ago and since then, I've been waking up on my desired time, except for yesterday in a jeepney when I woke up and realized I had already passed by our house at some hundred meters.

Pray. Always. And shut yer eyes now. Tight. (--,)


I'm one spontaneous girl, when it comes to going out, that is. There are those days when I just go out unplanned, ask people to come over right then and there, drop by at someone's place just informing her a few minutes earlier. Yeah, spontaneous. It irritates some people, I know, but what the heck, they say yes to it anyway.


The other day I was in school doing our thesis proposal while being online on YM (thanks to CDU's free wifi!) when a goooooood friend chatted. I asked asked him if we could hang out, coz I wanted to go out so much but all of my friends were either too busy or too tired to go out. Unfortunately, his work's til a few hours from then so it was a subtle "i can't." But then he told me he could have a break for a while. So there, I finished my business in school and drove off to the coffeeshop. Man, it's been ages since we've last seen each other. I missed him! We had a couple of hours together, enough to catch up on each other, plus coffee and dinner, then he went back to work and I drove somewhere else.

I didn't want to go home yet. I thought of texting my other friends but it was pretty late already. 9pm. And I was in my uniform.

I remembered I lost my planner few days ago and thought of dropping by that place where I think I left it -- my hideout. I wanted to have another cup of coffee but my stomach was feeling stupid so I saved myself from an unlikely situation. I didn't find my planner though. But who cares? I had my regular companion(1) there! Too bad I forgot my props.

(1) regular companion
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