If there is one thing I'd like to have in my own house in the future, it would be a library. One as jaw-dropping as Belle's in Beauty and the Beast.

My love for books started when I was around 11 years old and curious when I discovered a novel my dad bought way back 1985. It was JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit. Well I've read some few Sweet Valley High's but they weren't enough to keep me wanting to read more until I've read The Hobbit. That was probably the only novel my dad ever bought.

So I started borrowing books from the library and my friends. Buying wasn't really an option. My allowance doesn't do me well. And my dad doesn't support me with this hobby. He's a huge huge huge reader, except for fiction. He'd rather buy me a new collection of General Information books rather than buying me novels. Argh. T_T

I go to malls usually ending up in bookstores. Looking for books I've heard/read some good stuff about. Most of the time I wish I hadn't entered because I would only be skimming through pages and putting them back on the shelves and be sad at the fact that I cannot bring them home.

Yesterday I was at Fully Booked in Ayala trying to decide if I should buy Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility since it was at a really reasonable price and it came in a good package but I ended up putting it down because I remembered I had more important stuff to buy ASAP. Austen could wait--for years, I'm sure.

I was lining up in the cashier for my cheap item (a birthday card) when this man in front of me, along with his late-teen-year-old-looking daughter looking so excited, spoke in a very loud voice asking if he has a membership discount. The lady behind the cashier then packing like TEN POCKETBOOKS answered him, "Yes, sir. That would be 3,***.00 all in all."

If my ears had jaws, they would have dropped right away. But they didn't. And I almost died of jealousy. But before my demise, I remembered my own tiny conflict between Austen and my money, and the birthday card I was about to buy and I thought, "I'm sticking with you, birthday card. Austen is dead. So am I soon."

Jane Austen Portrait by stargatequeen on DA.


I come by a soul
quirky yet mysterious
whose wits unlikely
and humor, wicked.

She happens to be a friend.
The cure and the cause
A curse and a blessing.

Born to be a four-eyed creature,
she trips over smooth ground
cries for a middle-aged man
but laughs over The Ugly Worm.

Emotions of hers kept hidden.
Digging we did but unearth we failed.
Then one Saturday, a paper arrived
Her secrets revealed.
I laughed, she cried.

Oatmeal sucker, her taste is bland
her eyes blind, and ears plugged
but she is one of the pretties
and happens to be my babe
a curse and a blessing
the cure and the cause.

Jane always riding shotgun in the car. One day it'll be my turn. ;)

Goatie Moviegoer

by prohoroff on DA

Before I left for vacation in Manila last December, I made sure to watch Avatar in 3D because by the time I'll be back here in Cebu, all that's showing in theaters would be films for the MMFF. Moreover, I'm a die-hard fan of Titanic. I've seen it a million times, reruns over and over, and still cry. So this movie has been in my to-watch list for quite a long time since I've heard about it as another Cameron film.

After our college department's Christmas party in school, I went straight to the mall--despite the many invitations for an after party at my classmate's house--and bought a ticket for the last full show. Other than my bag, I was in good company with my free donut and drink. I was alone and it was my first time to watch a 3D movie, which meant wearing those huge shades so I could experience the 3rd dimension. But hey, I wasn't the only first-timer around. As the movie began, I could hear the wooooooows of the people who weren't able to keep silent about the amazement in front of their eyes. It was cool. I like it when grown-ups unleash the inner child in them. I smile to that. :)

In Out Whatever

I'm not usually a fan of fads. Huge shades, flipflops, plaids, headbands, gadgets, whatnot. I even just had my hair cut so short I didn't mind my friends' plea not to.

It was a sunny afternoon a while ago and I was in a car whose windows have not the slightest tint on them, with my girl friends, on our way to our favorite fast food up to meet Jes. Jane shotgun, as usual. The sun was scorching hot and the aircon not cooperating. There were five bodies inside the car, too insulated from the weather. Squinting and sweating, I took my black rimless shades from the dashboard and jokingly told my friends, "I'm still your friend while I put these shades on, okay?" Hell yeah they were still my friends. I could hear the burst of laughter from the front and back seats.

Thinking while looking at them and sharing their laughter: do I look really hilariously horrible with these shades I chose according to my own taste? sheeeeeesh.

I took them off. My passenger was laughing and telling me I looked so yesterday and that I should have something like Jackie O's. Like I ever cared about their taste--which they consider IN--to be mine as well. I like looking at girls with those huge eye accessory even though I know their noses aren't as long as the shades require them to be, which leave the glasses to just hang on their cheeks. HAHA. No offense. It's an okay sight though. I don't really care. Til you care about mine.

People with the original taste (before the fad came out) have to drop their love of the just-now-craze for fear of being labeled a wannabe. Argh. To hell with fads.
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