Landmarks and Trip Hop

It's two weeks past semestral break and I realized I hadn't done anything break-worthy but rest at home with all the little kids running around and breaking the door to my room. Now classes resume and I'm having a sembreak hangover.

So last Saturday, I had my break extended afternoon til very early morning.


I spent the afternoon wandering around the city with my non-Cebuano classmates, touring them around the landmarks of the Queen City of the South. They've been here for six months and some of them haven't even visited downtown. So our generous bud treated us to lunch and some drinks (on a sunny bright lunch) and a drive to wherever the tourists wanted to check out.

Sto. Niño Church

Fort San Pedro

Taoist Temple

I got home at dusk. Drained and dusty. But not so tired to call it a day.


I had supper at home with the family and thought if I should go out with my girls as planned. I was tired. I texted them I might not push through, which was actually disappointing coz I was the one who asked them out for tonight.

Ultimately, I decided to go. Trip hop band from Manila, Drip, was to play at the restobar we were going to, and I'm borderline obsessed with the genre. After slight pleading for my dad to let me go out, I was driving to the mall to pick up the girls and headed on to where all roads lead to on a Saturday night: The Outpost.

It's a personal favorite place. And I was in very good timing to have picked the right place at the right time. Their special guest, Drip, was wicked, "capable of giving you simulated bliss." They play trip hop, which is between hip hop and house/trance. I had to tell my friends a little about the music and the band too, since I was the only one who was into the genre. They might have not appreciated it as much as I did, but I'm pretty sure they enjoyed it. These types of music give me happiness without compare and heck, I'm running out of adjectives, but if happiness means smiling thinking of that night up to this day, then yes, that might be the word.

Drip's Song Number 9
This is what trip hop is like

For an awesome-er track, click here.

I'm through with sembreak. Now I'm having that Saturday night hangover.
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