For the past two years my girls and I celebrate Christmas together on the 27th. It's Alyssa who chose the time and place this year: lunch at Arano Restaurant in Guadalupe.

Arano Restaurant Facade. It reminds me of the movie the Secret Garden except that it has less vines.
It's a hidden place. You literally have to hunt for it and that's basically what I love about it -- since it's hidden, then it's private and quiet. We were actually the only ones around that time. 

Two Wheels and Pedals

I was looking around active zone in Ayala today for the first time (I am a loser) and went inside Rox, an outdoor sporting goods store, where someone I know bought his bike. Pretty neat, huh, buying a bike from a mall where everything is almost twice or more the price in downtown Colon. Checked out their bikes. Most of them were climbing up to a hundred K. Price tags hurt my eyes, so I played with the Nalgene bottles instead and tried to decide what color to buy when I got reason to <-- when I get a bike.

This is an old bike from our business. It doesn't fit well and tires my legs quickly.

I don't remember wanting anything as bad as I am wanting a bike now. Sure, when I was 12 years old there were nights when I wished so hard of waking up to the coolest cellphone. I cringe at the stupidity of my childhood wants. I wish I was more reasonable, but what the heck. So now I'm 21 and wanting a bike. I got better reasons for wanting such. I learned to bike when I was around 7 years old. My dad bought us this cute pink Barbie bike but it was our carpenter who taught me how to ride it without the training wheels. My sisters and I used to bike around the compound or in the village across our house and I once hit a kid coz I didn't brake. Kid's mom told me to stop biking so I stopped. I stopped biking in that village, at least. But I still biked, only somewhere else: in the cemetery.

It is the only place my dad doesn't complain of us biking. It's all green and sunny and safe and close to Mommy too. But it's like 10km from our place and we have to overhaul our car just to fit the bike in. It's a tiring prep and drive. 

Since high school, I've little dreamed of going to school on a bike. We have employees who live pretty far and they bike to work. It interests me. Six years have passed and I still haven't realized that dream yet. Pretty dumb a dream to start with, don't you think? I should first be dreaming of having a bike to ride.

I did ask a bike from my dad.
Jamis Trail X2 2011
I saw it in a shop (YKK) I visited in downtown. Seems real neat. A biker friend told me it's a good buy seeing the specs. I don't know what good really is. As long as it brings me to places (with a few conditions), then it is good.

But good or bad bike, my dad won't support me in any way. It is dangerous (for him, at least) and my being a girl complicates it even more. I don't have money to buy it so it's all up to my dad.

I'm temporarily at a dead end. It is a sad situation, and the holidays spirit is no help. The only thing that's keeping me hopeful is the lottery and my first paycheck which is 4 or 5 years from now, God willing.

Happy holidays, you guys.

December in Photos

I've been such a bore. But this month wasn't.

6th: CIM Students' Night. I am Esmeralda -- dressed as, at least. Quasimodo looked so... tree-ish. Haha! My partner, Alfred is adorbs! *Dads' cam
7th: Alpha Mu Sigma Phi Christmas Party. Sounds like a fraternity yes? It's just an organization of medical students and doctors.
10th: Med Congress at Radisson Blu. Oh yes, the freebies were all we were stoked about.

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