Read Away

Getting into med school is a submission to eternal reading. You attend school for four years, you read. You graduate and go into post-grad internship, you read. You finish internship and prepare for the board exams, you read. You sell or donate your books and you think reading is over, you're wrong. You get into residency and when you get your first pay check you spend it for new textbooks and then you read em.

Some textbooks.
So far all my books' worth would equate to two brand new bikes. That accounting is from a frustrated cyclist.

I don't even know why I'm writing this blog when I should be somewhere else reading. Sometimes I wish leaning my head on top of a book on a table (ninja sleeping) would enable passive diffusion of all the content from the book to my brains. If that was possible I wouldn't mind sleeping on a bed of books. 

Back in first year I always had a novel in my bag. It was the same book for that whole first semester because I only took it out when I'm doing nothing which is only very seldom. I find it dumb that I still squeeze in my fiction books when I can't even finish reading my textbooks. It's suicide for my grades and yet I still do it. Forbidden pleasures.

Second year into med school I find the reading load more than double the first year. I'm always chasing time. I still go out a lot, like a lot, a lot and it makes me wish there were more than 24 hours in a day.

Reading the weekend away and squeezing in some bits and pieces <3

... like baking cartoons.

Some cutesy stuff we make out of extra dough at home.

Lost Art: Tangible Letters

I have a special love for tangible letters.

Back when I was in high school my favorite girl, Jane, asked me what I wanted for Christmas. I couldn't think of any. Not that I don't want any gift--who wouldn't? I just can't think of anything so I told her to just write me a card / letter for Christmas. It must have left her puzzled 'cause she gave me a shirt. Not the wearable shirt though but the kind of shirt with "I Love Cebu" printed on it that you hang in your car . Back then letters were synonymous to tiny nationalistic shirts. But it's true that wisdom grows with age 'cause years later letters didn't mean shirts anymore. That's some tongue twister for you.

Reading a letter and holding it at the same time is a package of delight. The touch of paper, calligraphy, ink, dents and whatnot. I'm talking textural but we know it's more than that.

A custom-made valentine card I got from my seatmate in high school.

"Please promise me to read this alone." 
Secrets :P I had to blur part of my pseudoname to save my dignity. 
Talk about crushes and obsessions.

What's sweeter than a tangible letter is the surprise of having it right there before your eyes within your reach. I like sending mails via post office for one reason: Stamps. Courier services don't have that, do they?

The downside is that unless you send it way earlier, it reaches the address so late no matter the distance. I am fine with delayed gratification though. I don't know if it's only in the Philippines where it takes 4 months for a mail to reach an address a few kilometers away from the post office. If I feel the itch on my wandering legs I sometimes send it house to house with limited radius, of course.

Just last week I found a mail on my table. My excitement was as quick as my disappointment when I found out it was a mail I sent last Christmas, SEVEN months ago. It was addressed to a friend who lived 2 kilometers from my house. I should have included a sketch on it. Mails boomerang, too, you know, albeit in a span of months. You get a "Merry Christmas" card on the month of July. *FACEPALM*

SNAIL MAILS are the sweetest! =)

And don't you just love the memories that go along with the letters. You can re-read them a million of times even without electricity. That's me favoring handwritten letters over electronic mails.

Santa's letter way back Christmas 1998. Oh, memories.

I have a lot of postcards in my drawer, too. I keep them in the hope of mailing them to someone someday. I mailed a couple of them to some parts of the world. If you give me your address I might send you one too. 


#FollowFriday: Rica's Cafe

Just to remove some cobwebs here in my blog...

Thursday nights I sleep with a smile on my face because I know I will be waking up to Friday's clouds, sunshine, and music. Uneventful or not, as long as it's the F day, it's gonna be awesome. What's in a day's name? I don't really know. 

This Friday I drove, with Friday madness on the radio, mind you, to Ma. Luisa in Banilad for a lovely dinner with my lotsa-times seatmate, Rochelle. I hadn't seen her for months!! And could timing be any more perfect? Yesterday a mail greeted me in the morning. It was a Christmas card I snail mailed to her last year which apparently boomeranged after 7 long months. What mailing service does this province have? T_T I was happy to give it to her personally anyway. Advanced/Belated Merry Christmas, Roch!!

We had dinner at this tiny cafe called Rica's. It was a really lovely place, just my type. It's quiet and romantic <3 *wink* We were too busy talking I forgot I had a camera with me. I would have loved to show you more pictures. The ones I took are =/

This is a pizza which we got for free. I actually thought it was a vegetable salad. I have an Enjoy card which I won from last summer. It's about time I got to use it. It expires in a couple of months. 

Rochelle and some Quesadilla. I love how restaurants serve these appetizers.


We were so stuffed we only ate half of everything we ordered. We were practically eating stories the whole time.
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