Moving Planet

I was supposed to bike my way to downtown Cebu but as I pedaled 20 meters off the highway the chains went off. Two passers-by were so kind to help me they didn't mind painting their hands with grease while working with the crankset and chains... but we all eventually gave up. It was the same bike I borrowed and the owner forgot to tell me it was broken. I wanted to cry!! T_T I took a cab instead.

Anyway, parts of dowtown Cebu were closed for the Moving Planet / Road Revolution. Save fossil fuels, ergo, no gas.

While I was walking around looking for something interesting, some guy came up and we had this very short conversation that went like this:

Stranger: You're looking old school.
Me: Yeah? (Reviewing my wardrobe in my mind. Nothing old school there, I swear.)
Stranger: Maybe you have a time machine at home.

Don't you just love random conversations. You don't even get to know each other's names.

After lots of walking I met with a friend, checked out some free archaeology seminar and went longboarding (slight!). I was expecting the streets to be packed with bikers and skaters but there were only a few. There's a push race competition in Dumanjug (which looks really fun!! and scary) the following day which was probably why not a lot of skaters were there, plus there's a night ride later that evening.

L - R: Rochelle and Ana. They're like twins!; Noob

There were parkour, vintage bike exhibit, BMX exhibitions and museum tours for free. There weren't really a lot of people and probably some of those who were walking around had no other choice but to... walk. I would have wanted to check out the poetry reading (POETRY READING!! *GASP*) and listen to some live band in Outpost later that evening which was also part of the event but oh well, student duties. #nerd

And I just read from the newspaper today that there'll be another one come October 23.

On a side note: I miss Outpost!! It's one of my favorite hangout places. I'll pay it a visit soon.

On This Day Nineteen Years Ago

20 / 9 / 92 Sunday
Today is Christina's birthday, a day of celebration for today 3 years ago my 1st daughter of the 3 beautiful children was born to a waiting anxious mother and father. A big day of joy for me. My thanks to the Almighty for the great blessings given to us. . .

This was the very last entry from my dad's half-consumed diary I found in an old cabinet last week. How timely. It's amazing how he keeps so much memories. The older they get, the sweeter they become. Sometimes it's the only thing I can look back on.

The gift of years.

I am uncountably blessed.
I am grateful.
Life is awesome. Super.

Morning Uphill Run

Last weekend got me baked. I was out for a series of days, running and working with ropes.

Anyway, I woke up at 4:45am, my body telling me to stay in bed and save my energy. Dragged myself out of bed anyhow.

I was supposed to wear a rashguard for that day's run but I wasn’t sure if it’ll feel good when you are sweating. I know it’s for the waters but I like the look of it. Anyway, I changed into my long sleeves. I feared it might get too cold. I freeze fast.

With the group plus Ronald

Started jogging at 6:00 am (later than scheduled) from the foot of Nivel Hills, Lahug. Lots of stopping along the way. Chats and jokes and ONE biscuit. It was slowly becoming a food trip. Hee XD

Hit it.

I saw lots of cyclists going up and down the road. There were probably 50 and I took lots of photos of them. Talk about frustrations.

More photos of them here.

Ralph (guy on the photo) and I went ahead of the group. Used to jog with him a lot of times at the Oval in Abellana before. Our schedule don't meet anymore coz I run in the morning nowadays.

Before the run I betted that we’ll only be up to Marco Polo Hotel. Most of the people in the group were doing a walkathon :P but we reached Mr. A. I love this place at night!!

Chilling above the city. Time check: 7:30am

I had fun though I would have loved to go further up the mountains. I’ll go back soon with a running buddy or just me alone—me being a loner. The good thing about being alone is that you can do anything you want without having to worry about someone (yourself included) getting left behind. But  running with a group/buddy is fun, too. And safer.

See that silver lining? I don't really know what it is but it’s a beauty.

Jogged with Ralph down to Marco Polo, waited for the others and then walked and talked to McDonald’s for light breakfast.

I was supposed to go to this really really really lovely place that day but I had to postpone it. I figured it would be better if I go visit it some other day.

Cold gloomy morning run on a FRIDAY. Awesome. I'm going back soon. Company is welcome. XD

Strokes and Laps

I spend most mornings of my weekdays lazing up in bed. Second year class schedule is so lax I almost don't know how to spend my time. I end up wasting it on TV, the internet, books (textbooks not included), strolling, doodling and what have you. But lately I've been spending it wisely like taking a dip. Actually, more than just a dip--doing laps.

I have this very weak dream of becoming a triathlete especially when a cyclist from CC once told me to develop my swimming and running skills so my dad would eventually buy me a bike. Swimming was my first love. Running, I'm not so good at it. Biking, I'll have to see yet. 

I used to swim regularly in Abellana back in high school together with my dad and sisters. Then I quit. My sisters went on and got serious with it, breaking records here and there. #IAmAProudSister. The last time I went to Abellana was almost 3 years ago. It's so public (my goodness) it gave me awful back allergies. I want to go back though, it's the only olympic-size pool in the city that I know of. I went on swim dates regularly one summer in Marriot hotel but their pool was so small it's boring. Just a few strokes and you're on the other end already.

Spent my morning today with a classmate at Casino Español which is located right behind our school. No relaxing on the woven beds. Just laps and few chats like, "What chapters were you able to read last night?" or something more interesting, sense the sarcasm, like, "I think the case of our patient is..." or something not school-related like "It's a long weekend." Uh, ok.

Headcap and goggles off already, she's about to get out of the pool. She's running out of breath, needs more training.

Today's swim was quite frustrating. My favorite stroke used to be back. It's less air-hungry, you're facing the clouds, just gotta mind your lane. I tried it today and I don't know what's up with the current but the water always pushed me to the other lane and then onto the side gutter. It must have been their mini waterfall. Or could be the wind. Physics. Whatever. I'm sticking to freestyle.

Swam for just about 30 minutes, showered and got fresh for our classmates, walked to school and worked as a ninja. 

Paint Them Rainbows

I like how nail polishes say "girly". When I go trekking I like to wear pink. It's nowhere close to nature colors but it suits ;)

They do get a little distracting while studying. They're so cute you just want to stare at them instead of your books.

The second photo reminds me of a time in my life when I had little friends on my fingertips. Literally. It went on for like a week. I was that bored.

On a totally unrelated note:
I've been doing a lot of piano covers lately, mostly old songs. I play most of them by ear so they tend to be out of tune sometimes =/ and unfinished. This one's an ultimate favorite.

Sailing by Christopher Cross
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