I had two days to recharge from the week-long sleep deprivation that is our bimonthlies. We're lucky that our school schedules our exams right before Sinulog so we can enjoy the festivity stress-free! Yep, our teachers said it themselves.

Went to the city at 4pm. Traffic was light and again, I had an awesome parking space. Sweet.

Very silent agreement on wearing white for that day. I didn't hear it.

With classmates in med school. 

Drop by Baseline and you won't get out clean. Everybody's just throwing god-knows-what on you. There was a point where I felt a minty sensation on my forehead only to find out it's toothpaste. Ah, my forehead looks like a sparkling tooth.

Street Party. How more fun could it get? 

Same lovely people I was with last year

 Wrapped up the day silently at a friend's condo over ice cream, more face paint, and DVD.

Photos grabbed from Gigette, Franz, Eman and Dadz. My camera's SD card got screwed right before I transferred my photos. I know, I know. asdjfaklsjdakl!
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