overly romantic, it's laughable

I want to make sure I bring all the stuff I need when I go out on a trip so I list down the things I have to pack. This is a list I made on our trip to Argao and I've been using it on the following treks I've had, adding whatever stuff I need.

One of the things I almost always bring with me is a book or any reading material and/or a notebook where I can draw or write stuff.  It's true what they say: boredom kills. And this is my way of hanging on to dear life. (Okay, that was cheesy.)

Packing for the recent trek I had was hurried. I was currently reading a thick novel but I didn't want to bring anything big and heavy so I grabbed this small novel (novella?) I had in my shelf: Bridges of Madison County.

It was so short at around 150 pages with huge font -- talk about stretching the length of the novel -- that I finished half of it during the frequent breaks we had. I had the impression that it was a good book coz the awesome Clint Eastwood made a film adaptation about it. I was wrong. It was overly romantic, too cheesy I thought some rats were trying to attack me. I hate the story. Wife of a decent husband falls in love with a stranger she met for four days while her family was away on a trip. She and stranger part ways and never meet again but their love never faded even until their death decades after. asdfjkl!!!!

Too sensational, too cinematic. I wanted to crumple the pages and burn the book. 
It's terrible. I'm no moralist but it amuses me that this book became so popular because they had an affair.

Unless you want to feel angry and dumb and wanting to poke your eyes for reading such horrible stuff, don't read it.

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