Dear Photograph

Suppose time is a circle, bending back on itself. The world repeats itself, precisely, endlessly.
-Alan Lightman, Einstein's Dreams

This photo was taken on October 16, 2011. 
The photo in this photo was taken on May 3, 1998.
Same spot. Same angle. A decade's difference.

The cabinets, barometer, lights, picture frames are still where they used to be. The organ is now moved to a different spot; there are new shelves, books, photos and even new members in the house.

It's amazing how in just a single click a moment is captured and kept for years or a lifetime. They'd even make very lovely gifts. Sometimes it's the only memory one will ever have.

Back in the days when analog cameras were the only ones available, photos were more tangible. Nowadays they get stuck in the hard drive or the internet and a single virus could erase them all.

My dad told us that one day when we grow old we'll be thanking him for all the memories he's saved for us: photographs and videos. They get riper with age. I've come to realize the truth in those words not so long after he said that. Not that I've aged fast. It's just that I'm a schmaltz.

Print your photos. Write dates and captions.

When I was a kid I used to play the keyboard during recitals, parties at home, and even during fiestas at the sports complex. It wasn't that fun. I didn't like the pressure and the attention. Even now, after 11 years, when I meet neighbors known to me or not, they'd still refer to me as the girl who played the keyboard the night Sweeney passed away.

Nearness of You (Cover)

CHOPPY. You'll hear my name somewhere. Clutter.

My originals are horrible.

The photo is inspired by Dearphotograh. It's a trip to memory lane. Reminds me of  the movie filled with so much nostalgia, Cinema Paradiso.

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