At Campo 4, Talisay.
Rappellling off a bridge. Not that high. Just learning the how-to's.
Did this six weeks ago. I can't remember much of the details.

Before this photo was taken, that yellow multicab attempted to cross the river but got stuck along the way. The water was deeper than they thought. A dump truck had to pull it out.

ropes, harnesses, carabiners, gloves

  • When a carabiner is dropped, it's considered broken even when it still looks usable. There could be small cracks inside of it. You cannot throw it away though coz someone might pick it up and use it. You can either keep it (but not use it), or have it x-rayed. The latter is too much of a hassle for a very small thing so they suggest to just attach it to your chest when you get a chest x-ray. XD
  • You must not step on ropes. Rocks and glass from the ground or your shoes could get inside the rope and eventually cut the fibers.
  • There are hundreds of ways to tie a knot.
  • Just do it.
There were a couple more stuff (and terms) that I learned. I just cannot remember any more.

Not that high. Even if you fall you'd still be alive but with a couple of scratches and bruises.

A few cyclists passed (and some stopped) by.  

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